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2034 (Penguin LCC US)

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& #8220 It is hard to write in great detail about what ensues in this novel without giving away the drama of its denouement. Suffice it to say that there is conflict and catastrophe on a large scale, and it unfolds, as major conflicts tend to, with surprising twists and turns . . . The strengths of the novel are anything but incidental to the background of one of its authors, Adm. Stavridis, a former destroyer and carrier strike group commander who retired from the Navy in 2013 as NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. . . .  Adm. Stavridis not only understands how naval fleets work he has clearly given a great deal of thought to America& #8217 s biggest strategic risks, and at the top of the list is war with China, which, as this book seems designed to point out, could occur quite by accident and at almost any time . .. One of the messages of this book is that war is utterly unpredictable and that opportunist adversaries of the U.S. are likely to play important roles in any widening confrontation . . . 2034 is nonetheless full of warnings. Foremost is that war with China would be folly, with no foreseeable outcome and disaster for all. This is not a pessimistic book about America& #8217 s potential, but the picture of the world it paints before the central conflict will be a difficult one for many to accept, albeit one well supported by facts.& #8221 & #8212 Wall Street Journal & #8220 An unnerving and fascinating tale of a future . . . The book serves as a cautionary tale to our leaders and national security officials, while also speaking to a modern truth about arrogance and our lack of strategic foresight . . . The novel is an enjoyable and swiftly paced but important read.& #8221 & #8212 The Hill & #8220 This crisply written and well-paced book reads like an all-caps warning for a world shackled to the machines we carry in our pockets and place on our laps, while only vaguely understanding how the information stored in and shared by those devices can be exploited.  . . . In 2034, it& #8217 s as if Ackerman and Stavridis want to grab us by our lapels, give us a slap or two, and scream: Pay attention! George Orwell& #8217 s dystopian masterpiece, Nineteen Eighty-four: A Novel was published 35 years before 1984. Ackerman& #8217 s and Stavridis& #8217 s book takes place in the not-so-distant future when today& #8217 s high school military recruits will just be turning 30.& #8221 & #8212 The Washington Post & #8220 Stavridis and Ackerman have combined their talents& #8212 the former& #8217 s detailed operational knowledge of military strategy and tactics and the latter& #8217 s narrative skills& #8212 to come up with a realistic, detailed and highly readable account of how the next world war might begin . . . 2034 is thought-provoking reading for military and diplomatic professionals dealing with China, and for the generalist concerned with China& #8217 s rise. The scenario outlined by Stavridis and Ackerman lends credence to recent calls for the US to strengthen its military capabilities in the Indo-Pacific. It& #8217 s also a riveting read.& #8221 & #8212 The Strategist (Australia)   & #8220 If you& #8217 re looking for a compelling beach read this summer, I recommend the novel 2034.& #8221 & #8212 Thomas L. Friedman, The New York Times & #8220 Utterly engrossing . . .   [ 2034] is incredibly well-written, deeply thought-provoking, and it makes for uncomfortable and sober reading& #8212 in the best of ways . . . .. . . There is also an unexpected emotional rawness to the characters. This, in hindsight, should not come as a surprise. Elliot Ackerman is one of the finest writers to come out of this generation of military veterans and officers . . . The pairing of Mr. Ackerman and Adm. Stavridis is inspired. Both have military backgrounds as officers, both are accomplished writers in their own right, and both complement each other exceptionally well and have produced a fantastic work of fiction. . . .This is a book that sets the pulse as well as the mind racing but doesn& #8217 t let the reader off with a cheap or easy thrill. It is sobering and chilling.& #8221 & #8212 Joshua Huminski, Diplomatic Courier     & #8220 Consider this another vaccine against disaster. Fortunately, this dose won't cause a temporary fever& #8212 and it happens to be a rippingly good read. Turns out that even cautionary tales can be exciting, when the future we& #8217 re most excited about is the one where they never come true.& #8221 & #8212 Wired & #8220 A frightening look at how a major-power showdown might race out of control. . . . This compelling thriller should be required reading for our national leaders and translated into Mandarin.& #8221 & #8212 Kirkus (starred) & #8220 Those seeking a realistic look at how a future world war might play out will be rewarded.& #8221 & #8212 Publishers Weekly & #8220 Chilling yet compulsively readable work of speculative fiction . . . Ackerman and Stavridis have created a brilliantly executed geopolitical tale that is impossible to put down and that serves as a dire, all-too-plausible warning that recent events could have catastrophic consequences.& #8221 & #8212 Booklist, starred review & #8220 War with China is the most dangerous scenario facing us and the world. Absent a strategic method to manage our differences, Jim Stavridis and Elliot Ackerman& #8217 s chilling novel presents a realistic series of miscalculations leading to the worst consequences. A sobering, cautionary tale for our time.& #8221 & #8212 Jim Mattis, General, U.S. Marines (Ret.) and 26th Secretary of Defense & #8220 A brilliant thriller! Masterfully plotted and elegantly written, 2034 is a literary tour-de-force. Let& #8217 s just hope none of it comes true.& #8221 & #8212 Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Near Dark & #8220 A real page-turner, 2034 is a novel about a conflict we hope never happens. Drawing on their deep operational and diplomatic backgrounds, Admiral Stavridis and Elliot Ackerman have conjured a nightmare we desperately need to avoid. The novel is a cautionary tale for our times, and a reminder how quickly events can spin out of control& #8212 even before 2034.& #8221 & #8212 Robert M. Gates, Secretary of Defense 2006-2011 & #8220 I could not stop reading 2034. With sharply drawn, vibrant characters caught in an all too plausible future conflict, the novel left me fascinated, moved, thrilled and, ultimately, haunted.& #8221 & #8212 Phil Klay, author of Missionaries & #8220 2034 is an exciting, interesting, and informative novel about a hypothetical future war with China that is largely determined by actual decisions already made. It describes in detail how a single technological leap forward by an adversary, in this case China, could destroy our ability to communicate, resulting in a blind, hapless military. It also demonstrates how today& #8217 s military policies will leave a future United States without adequate resources to wage a high intensity conventional war and be forced to resort to a first strike nuclear response and its horrific consequences. Anyone who is concerned about where today& #8217 s military technology decisions are taking us should read this book.& #8221 & #8212 Karl Marlantes, author of Matterhorn and Deep River

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